Scandinavian Rhythm Boys (SRB) was formed in 1997 by Swedish and Danish musicians who wanted a dynamic sound without drums, basically acoustic and with a repertoire based on the beginning of rhythmical music in the United States( from 1850 until 1950). It´s a different experience in music, which you probably never have heard before.

SRB works with ragtime, blues, spiritual, gospel and early forms of jazz music, combined with well-known evergreens and ballads. Most of the tunes are originals but seldom heard - chosen from Michael Boeving's collection of '78 records and rearranged by Frans Sjöström and Michael Boeving for our special combination of instruments. Work songs, spiritual, gospel, jazz standards, evergreens and swing tunes are also a part of the SRB repertoire. On special occasions SRB also perform Swedish and Danish popular tunes from the thirties, forties and fifties in a swinging style.

Examples on different styles – watch videos on YouTube by clicking on the title: 

Blues Patrole Wagon Blues
Ragtime Blame it on the Blues
Latin Maori
Classic Jazz Heebee Jeebees
Ballads Stardust
Traditional Big Chief Battle Axe
Evergreen Georgia on my Mind

SRB's specialty is "Chat & Music", about the birth of rhythmic music, a kind of 'music lecturing' - in four lectures. Each takes approx. 90 minutes and the three first, which all include small 'stunts' are: "From slave songs to swing music", "How jazz was born" and "Up the Lazy river - a musical tour on Mississippi". The last lecture is more like a concert program called: "Ragtime versus Blues".

Scandinavian Rhythm Boys have since 2008 developed a church concert with social elements (watch video). .